Harness Assemblies


Harness Assemblies

  • Application

    We can offer harness solutions that are suitable for both fixed racking or tracker based arrays. We can manufacture 2,3,4 and 8 string harness with replaceable fuses. Our factory manufactured harness solutions provides quality product , with reduced field labour cost and waste, resulting in lower site installation cost. We can provide string cable and jumper cable assemblies that could help for modular installation.

    Projects often require customised solutions, we can work with your engineers to develop customised harness. or semi-custom wire harness solutions.

  • Features

    1.8kV EN 50618 DC Cable, Cu/XLPO/XLPO cable available in Black and Black with Red Stripe.

    Direct Burial Option Available with Nylon Jacketed Option

    Triple Layer Over molded T’s and Y’s with replaceable Inline Fuses designed for 30 year life with <5µA leakage current verified by wet hi-pot.

    TuV Certified Inline Fuses

    TuV Certified connectors with all brands available

    100% Hipot and Continuity Tested

    5 Year Warranty Standard

    NATA Certified and EN50618 Compliant

    IP 68 rated assembly

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