CC/CCT Cables


CC/CCT Cables

  • Features

    Covered MV conductor without conductor and insulation screens

    1120 Aluminium Alloy Conductor

    Stranded and Compacted

    Water Blocked design

    XLPE Insulation

    Thicker Insulation for CCT

    Track Resistance UV stabilised XLPE

    XLPE/ HDPE sheath with UV stabilised option

    6.35/12,12.7/22 and 19/33 kV

  • Standards

    AS/NZS 3675

    Max Conductor Temperature 90 ◦C

    Short Circuit Temperature 250 ◦C

  • Application

    Used in MV distribution similar to bare wire systems

    Can withstand intermittant contact with tree branches

    CCT cables remain in contact with tree branches for an extended period of time

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