Loose Tube


Loose Tube

  • Features

    Optical fibre cables have several optical fibres bundled together, which are then individually and protectively covered to reduce losses and damage. Single mode and Multi mode fibres can be offered.

  • Application

    Applications range from carrying telephone calls (up to several million calls per cable) to high speed data transfer for vast computer networks.

  • Characteristics

    For critical applications, our cables are available in flame-retardant( IEC-60332) & fire-resistant (IEC 60331) versions, and are also based on customer-specific requirements.

  • Applicable standards

    IEC 60793, IEC 60794, Telcordia GR -20, TIA/EIA 598

  • Product range

    Multi loose tube optical cables. APAR offers the following types of loose tube cables: direct buried, duct, aerial, cables for indoor use in ribbon conduits and submarines. APAR provides multi loose tube cables from 2F to 512F ( Multi layer SZ core) with 24F per tube (with bundle or ring marking). We also offer ribbon cables up to 1000F as per customer specifications. In addition, we offer customer-specific design, composite, hybrid (fibre and copper core) and fire-resistant cables.

  • Advantages

    Fibre optic cables support and run a huge part of the global internet services in a more efficient and effective manner than standard copper cables. Fibre optic cables, with the similar thickness of standard copper cables, support a higher bandwidth, and transmit data over longer distances, allowing telecom network providers to reach remote locations across the globe.

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