Loose Tube


Loose Tube

  • Features

    Optical fibre cables have several optical fibres bundled together, which are then individually and protectively covered to reduce losses and damage.Single mode and Multi mode fibres can be offered.

  • Application

    Applications range from carrying telephone calls (up to several million calls per cable) to high speed data transfer for vast computer networks.

  • Characteristics

    For critical applications, our cables are available in flame-retardant( IEC-60332) & fire-resistant (IEC 60331) versions, and are also based on customer-specific requirements.

  • Applicable standards

    IEC 60793, IEC 60794, Telcordia GR -20, TIA/EIA 598

  • Product range

    Multi loose tube optical cables.APAR offers the following types of loose tube cables: direct buried, duct, aerial, cables for indoor use in ribbon conduits and submarines. APAR provides multi loose tube cables from 2F to 512F ( Multi layer SZ core) with 24F per tube (with bundle or ring marking). We also offer ribbon cables up to 1000F as per customer specifications. In addition, we offer customer-specific design, composite, hybrid (fibre and copper core) and fire-resistant cables.

  • Advantages

    Fibre optic cables support and run a huge part of the global internet services in a more efficient and effective manner than standard copper cables. Fibre optic cables, with the similar thickness of standard copper cables, support a higher bandwidth, and transmit data over longer distances, allowing telecom network providers to reach remote locations across the globe.

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