Thermocouple Cables


Thermocouple Cables

  • Features

    Single and Multicore Conductors, with stranded or solid

    TC, EX ,C type Conductor

    Type of cable: K,J,T,E,N,R,S,B,D,C

    Insulation /inner / outer sheath material available in PVC, XLPE, LSZH, PE, PTFE, FEP, PFA, PEEK, Silicon, ETFE, Polyamide, Fibre Glass, Ceramic Fibre.

    Available in armoured or braided

    Maximum Operating Temperature : Up to 450 Deg C

  • Voltage Rating

    Up to 1 kV

  • Standards

    ANSI MC 96.1 and IEC 584.3

  • Size range

    Application: Direct Furnace Temperature measurement, Instrument reading for temperature up to 1100 Deg C.

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