DC Array Cables


DC Array Cables

  • Features

    Annealed Copper or Aluminium

    Stranded , compacted

    XLPE Insulation

    HDPE Sheath

    Termite protection with Nylon or Chemical option

    Supplied as Single cable or 2 cables Twisted

    UV resistance

  • Rated voltage

    1,5/1,5 kV DC

    1,0/1,0 kV AC

  • Max. permissible operating voltage

    1,8 kV DC

    1,2 kV AC

  • Test voltage (5 min)

    15 kV DC

    6,5 kV AC

  • Standards

    AS/NZS 5000.1 and IEC 62930

  • Operating Temperature – Max

    90 C

  • Short Circuit Temperature -Max

    250 C

  • Application

    These cables are connected from Generator junction boxesbto the inverter.

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