Aerial Bundle Cables


Aerial Bundle Cables

  • Features

    Metallic Screened MV Cable

    Non Metallic Screened MV Cable

    6.35/11 kV and 12.7/22k V

    Stranded compacted Aluminium Conductor

    Triple Layer XLPE insulation

    Semiconductive extruded conductor screen

    Semiconductive Extruded Insulation Screen

    Copper wire screen for Metallic screened Cables

    Steel catenary for Metallic screened cables

    1120 Aluminium Alloy Catenary for Non metallic screened cables

    Water Swellable Tape under sheath

    HDPE sheath

  • Standards

    AS/NZS 3599.1

    AS/NZS 3599.1

    Max Conductor Temperature 90 ◦C

    Short Circuit Temperature 250 ◦C

  • Application

    Used in MV distribution in rural and urban areas with trees and bushes

    Metallic Screened cables can be used in Underground application also Reduces Bush fires

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