66 kV Cables


66 kV Cables

  • Features

    Compacted Copper or Aluminium Conductors

    Milliken Conductors for large sizes

    Water Blocked conductor option

  • Insulation

    Triple Layer XLPE on CCV/VCV

    Semi conductive XLPE conductor screen

    Extra Clean XLPE insulation

    Semiconductive XLPE insulation screen

    Copper wire screen

    Various Fault Ratings

    Corrugated Aluminium/ Copper options

    Lead Sheath option

    HDPE jacket

  • Standards

    AS/NZS 1429.2

    IEC 60840


    ICEA specs

  • Application

    FOR HV Transmission and Distribution

    66 kV to 220bkV

    Suitable for Direct burying

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