12.7/22kV Cable


12.7/22kV Cable

  • Features

    Compact stranded Copper /Aluminium Conductor

    Triple Layer Extruded insulation

    Semi conductive Conductor screen

    TRXLPE insulation

    Semi conductive insulation screen

    Hand Strippable insulation screen

    Metallic Screen

    Plain Annealed Copper wire

    Copper Tape screen option

    Light Duty 3 kV

    Heavy Duty 10 kV

    Different fault level options

    Armoured /Unarmoured


    Anti Termite sheath option

  • Standards

    Complies to AS/NZS 1429.1

    IEC 60502.2

    Max Conductor Temperature 90 ◦C

    Short Circuit Temperature 250 ◦C

  • Sizes


    Single Core – 25 mm2 -630 mm2

    3 Core – 25 mm2 – ?


    Single Core – 25 mm2 -630 mm2

    3 Core – 25 mm2 – ?

  • Application

    Used in Distribution networks as a primary supply to commercial, industrial, and residential and solar farms.

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